Ed Keener, Founder of 


Please stay tuned until the end of the presentation for a very limited special offer.

So that’s what Ready Network in a nutshell.  Now let me share with why you should join our KeenEdge Team.

  • KeenEdge Team is a group of entrepreneurs pooling their collective talents and skills to grow the team
  • We will provide with custom created lead capture pages which includes free hosting
  • Your lead capture page will be included in our team rotator page
  • We will continuously develop more resources for our team members to utilize

I’m accessible to the team members via phone, text, or email. Call or Text (206) 451-9563 – Email: ed.keener@keenedge.com

Now for the limited special offer:

IF YOU TAKE ACTION NOW. You’ll receive a FREE “One Page Wonder” (valued at $299).  This is your online elevator pitch. Introduce yourself, share your business, and provide contact information. For details please visit https://edkeener.com

To qualify:

  • Enroll starting today Saturday, January 19th but no later than Monday, January 21st, 2018.
  • Enroll at the Elite Ready Pack level ($499) or higher. 
  • Remained enrolled in the monthly Ready Auto-Delivery ($49.99 per month) 
  • You provide the domain name and most of the site content – If you need help with creating a domain name or need assistance in how/where to purchase a domain name then I’m here to help. Please call, text or email me for assistance.                                      (206) 451-9563 – Email: ed.keener@keenedge.com

Enroll here: https://readynetwork.com/keenedge

NEW: Company financing is now available. Ready Network wants to remove barriers and enable people to start their own business. So they’ve established easy to obtain and affordable financing. This offer is not available online so please contact me if you’re interested in taking advantage of this new program. 

That concludes today’s presentation of Ready Network. Thanks for joining me and I hope to hear from you soon.